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This professional blending brush is a true makeup magician! You can use it to blend your shadows or buff your concealer, liquids or powder to perfection. The soft cruelty-free bristles glides smoothly over all your hard-to-reach areas for a flawless finish. This beautiful tool is particularly perfect for blending concealer for a flawless look.




  • Blend in a circular motion, as well as a windscreen wiper motion in your crease, to blend eyeshadows

  • Apply liquid or cream concealer with a concealer brush or your finger, then use this brush to blend in a circular motion under the eye and other areas to give you an airbrushed look

  • Blend multiple shades of lipstick or gloss used on the lip to achieve a seamlessly blended look

  • After applying your lipstick or lipgloss color to your lips, dip the brush into your chosen shimmer pigment and apply to the centre of the lips using a circular motion for a high end look

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  1. Absolutely amazing

    Posted by Danielle on 17th May 2016

    Great quality well built super soft bristles highly highly recommend


    Posted by Georgia on 5th Dec 2015

    Holy shit this brush is good! I saw Cora from Vintage or Tacky say how good this brush was so I decided to give it a go thinking it would be pretty good. It is not only good, it is now my holy grail of blending brushes. It is so damn soft and the perfect shape for blending, yet it is firm enough to really smooth out your color. Obsessed is not strong enough of a word for how I feel about this brush.

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