Victoria challenges definitions of beauty

German-based makeup artist Victoria is a reminder of the art involved in makeup artistry. She merges a refined sensibility for the visual with a deftness of skill that allows her to create looks that could just as easily appear in a gallery as on a runway. 

Victoria works from an intense palette of shimmering chromes and matte undertones that make her models appear otherworldly. And she doesn't shy away from the dark side. Whether she is creating a "Day of the Dead" style mask-look, a futuristic alien, or a corpse bride, she accentuates beauty in forms traditionally considered to be ghoulish. In one particular image, the model's face is sunken with deep black eyes and cheeks, her eyelids look molten, and her skin is riveted with lines similar to cracked stone. With these looks, Victoria reminds us that beauty doesn't fit into a box - nor should it. 

She has a particularly fine attention to detail in her line work that allows her to bring each segment of the face to life without clashing in the overall composition. Her eyes seamlessly blend between hues, arched by perfectly drawn brows; her cheeks sport a dewy shimmer, and her lips are supple and multi-toned. 

One of Victoria's signature styles is the inclusion of rich and complex geometric patterns drawn onto the skin in swirling mosaic. In one particular look of this style, the model is adorned in curls of magenta, red and gold, while the caption states: "during lucid dreaming, the dreamer may be able to have some control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment." Here we get a look at the complex tapestry of Victoria's inner workings. The onlooker gets the sense that these women are characters from Victoria's own dreams; a world inhabited by strength, vitality and boldness.

Victoria is unique in her approach to makeup artistry and is a true inspiration to amateurs and professionals alike. For regular doses of surreal wonder, follow Victoria on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vicriia/