What inspires you creatively?

I was born and raised in New York City, where I still live. The variety of art, style and culture found in one place is both inspiring and humbling.

Why did you choose to be a cruelty free artist?

I have a rescue pitbull named Frankie, who is the love of my life (after my husband of course).  He’s such a funny, smart, sensitive little creature… I can’t fathom how anyone could intentionally hurt an animal for any reason, let alone for cosmetic testing.  I also do animal rescue work, so it was a natural extension of my lifestyle to dedicate my beauty practice to being cruelty free.

How do you feel about animal hair brushes vs synthetic?

I have encountered many artists who insist that it’s impossible to find quality synthetic brushes that will do double duty and handle powder products as well as creams and liquids, but synthetic options have evolved considerably from the days of low quality plastic fibers that were always too stiff or too soft to be effective or practical.  I have to say that I do not miss animal hair brushes at all!  Synthetics shed less, are easier to clean, more hygienic because the fibers don’t break down with time and provide little hiding places for bacteria and product buildup  and are great for clients with sensitive skin who might react to animal hair brushes.

Are there any drawbacks to being a cruelty free artist?

There are misconceptions about cruelty free makeup that are difficult to dispel, including fears that there are no professional quality cruelty free brands (absolutely untrue!) and the mistaken notion that cruel animal testing no longer occurs (sadly, it is perpetuated by many large brands who are squandering the opportunity to set better standards for the entire industry).  I don’t see these misconceptions as drawbacks, I see them as teaching opportunities!  It can be difficult to discuss with people who are very set in their ways and are resistant to trying new brands, but often the experience is an eye opening one.

What advice would you give to up and coming makeup artists?

Do your homework!  There is so much more to being a makeup artist than just technique.  Get to know the industry, everything from product ingredients and where they come from, how they work, IF they work… truly be the expert.  Don’t believe everything you read in press releases or magazines.  Test products, compare, talk to more established artists, and decide for yourself what works for your kit and your clientele.

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Eden Di Bianco
Natural Skincare Expert & Brow Maven