Abbe Johannes: Morphing Makeup & Hairstyling


Loving everything about hairstyling and makeup, Abbe Johannes is a die-hard expert in her industry. With over 10 years of experience and advanced education, she has dedicated her talent to helping women look their best. In her spare time, she specializes in transformative makeup, turning herself into different creatures from her imagination. Between her salon commitments and her personal artistic explorations, Abbe is a nonstop machine of creativity.


When working at the salon, Abbe enjoys taking her time getting to know each client and listens to their goals. She then merges her own vision with her client’s to create their best look. Abbe finds inspiration everywhere. She encourages her clients to bring their own pictures or browse through her arsenal of photos and styles to find their direction.


Although Abbe is extremely passionate about every service she performs, her specialties include special occasion hair and makeup, precision haircutting, and naturally blended dimensional color. When she’s not in her salon, she’s out doing special effects/costume makeup for the big screen and creative projects, face and body painting, and networking with other artists!


When it comes to Abbe’s Instagram, she explodes her page with hundreds of radical looks. As a common theme, she often gains inspiration from skulls. She morphs herself into different skeleton creatures, each with a different vibe and identity. Some versions offer a psychedelic flair, while others show gothic influences. In one of her recent projects, she creates a gothic superhero series, each with intricate neck and décolleté designs. Her fourth character named Miss Lector, reveals exotic armour and long silvery hair. Overall, the entire series gives life to a freakish cult of ghostly women.


Abbe also finds inspiration from different cultural masks. One of her favorites is her version of the Hannya mask, a Japanese theatre mask representing demonic jealousy. In Abbe’s version, she uses black and white face paint to create the contours of a bull’s face. Her uncanny ability to morph her facial contours is also demonstrated in her look called Ocean Alien Creature. She creates a fusion of gold and emerald colors, and then adds scales and linear patterns, turning herself into a marine extraterrestrial.


The time and patience Abbe imbues into each of her creations is wonderfully inspiring. You can see her portfolio on her Instagram page or learn more information about her salon.

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