Alice King

Alice King is a fresh young makeup artist from the UK. At the tender age of 18, this rocking queen of eyes takes brows and lids to new dimensions. Inspired by artists, performers and makeup artists around the world, this 80s revamping powerhouse brings forth a bold new world of eye makeup with dazzling color combinations.

This talent burst onto the makeup scene when she posted her radical "reverse wing" look on her Instagram account in 2017. With 12,000 followers on Instagram at the time, Alice is already boasting 80,000 followers only a year later. 

Alice King shows immense skill in blending, shaping and creating eye-catching designs to adorn the eyelids. A common motif of hers, bold lines outlining the eyelid, is often accompanied by soft, light-colored shadow and the occasional repetitive shape to bring that extra touch to each new look. Alice makes full use of her canvas from the lid to the brow bone, creating patterns and shapes in unexpected directions. It all pays off, culminating in breath-taking imagery built from simple line and shape work.

Alice will often add a signature image to her looks, such as a fun little birthday candle or a tropical dreamscape leaf collection at the outer corner of the eye. These sweet little additions are catchy, flirty and the cutest conversation starters. Additions such as flowers, gems, glitter, and pearl stick-ons bring an extra punch to these 80s glam throwback styles. She creates themed looks for different seasons, drawing upon interests such as astrology and has even been inspired by movies such as The Greatest Showman to create stunning looks.

Check out her makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/alicekingg. You can also see footage from her time at London Beautycon 2017, amongst a bunch of great little makeup tips. Make sure you visit and follow her Instagram account, @alicekingmakeup, to keep up with all her wild and wonderful work.