If being sexy as sin was a crime, Alise Carter would have her Instagram account banned for bewitching her followers. This hellborn hottie is known for her fiery makeup style and vixen costumes, immersing us in a world of darkness and beauty. From witchy black clothing to gothic pale looks, Alise’s enchantingly grim expressions are hard to resist. Even for the most girly-girl pink-loving makeup buffs, her hardcore mysticism is totally hypnotizing.


Who says Halloween should only happen once a year? With Alise, orange and black is always the name of the game. One of her most popular makeup motifs is often a long wig, volcanic apricot in color, and heavily played-up eyes and lips, using mostly blues, purples and blacks. The intensity of her bold matte pout and cat-eyes create a striking effect, almost evil, against her white skin. She lets these features pop using clean, confident lines; with eyeliner and lip liner, she creates a stare-worthy impact – hard-hitting and irresistible!


Alise’s Instagram page is filled with images inspired by the supernatural. Most of her images create an eerie phantom feel, showing landscapes, objects and buildings, all which seem connected to witchcraft. Her outdoor nature scenes from chilling horror films like “The Ring” give viewers that familiar yet uncomfortable chill. She also includes night scenes of gothic architecture, known for its dark association with magic creatures and wickedness.


The theme of the occult is supplemented with her witch-centered posts of old lace-up boots and spirit candles. Suddenly, we’re reverted back to a time when witches were thought to be real. It’s as if we’re back in the 1600’s in Salem Village, a bizarre chapter in history remembered for extremism and false witch accusations. But with Alise’s main focus on modern makeup looks, she favors an unusually beautiful blend of imagery from both the past and present.


Alise’s talents extend to her makeup blog, filled with cool ideas and cosmetic reviews. She also includes her latest personal faves from cool brands and recommends neat outfit ideas. And to top it all off, she’s also a naturally great writer, an increasingly rare gift these days.