The Makeup Veteran, Amanda Reardon


Makeup becomes a true art with the work of Amanda Reardon. As a makeup artist for over a decade, the beauty veteran has worked with Australia’s most prominent fashion magazines, including Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Marie Claire, Rolling Stone, Madison, Oyster, and Russh. While she is mainly based in Sydney, Amanda travels constantly all across the world, offering her high-demand services among the globe’s most renowned celebs and models.


Throughout Amanda’s illustrious career, she has worked on advertising campaigns for various prestigious brands such as Portmans, Cue, Myer and Chanel. She is currently leading the Becca Cosmetics worldwide campaigns. Ultimately, her long-standing experience and fresh eyes make her indispensable to the fashion industry. Her flawless technique and unparalleled understanding of high-fashion beauty, makes her highly sought-after in the industry.


In her editorial work, you can recognize the ferocity and passion she brings to each look. There is always a wow-factor combined with a burst of vogue; each model showcases an unbelievably stunning feature such as the dewiness of a lower lip, the magical glimmer of a cheekbone or an exotic cat eye. Amanda also reveals a particular interest in the aesthetic integrity of the eye brows. The models’ brows are always uniquely designed to match the specific fashion concept. From intense angular brows to light bushy ones, Amanda is an artisan with this feature.


When glimpsing through Amanda’s portfolio of beauty shots, you can gain a clear sense of her style and vision. Each face is perfectly polished as if air-brushed by some new-age idealizer machine. The attention to detail is astonishing; her precision is especially beautiful in her treatment of the lips. When working with lips, Amanda shows a consideration for their individual shape and natural tint, enhancing them with a carefully chosen liner and lipstick color. The overall result is always remarkably clean, fresh and high-fashion.


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