Ami James: Tattoo Artist and Animal Activist

Who would have thought that a tough-looking and ink-covered tattoo artist had such as sweet spot for animals?

Well, tattoo superstar Ami James proved that looks can be deceiving when he teamed up with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in 2013 for the “Ink Not Mink” campaign.

It turns out that the Israeli-born tattoo celebrity is a huge animal lover and has been involved with PETA for several years. For James, there is nothing more pure than the “unconditional love” that animals can give.

The Cruelty of Circuses

James also brought up the issue of animal cruelty in the circus, an issue that has long been in the list of concerns of animal activists. When you think of the circus, you probably think of fun and excitement—breathtaking acts by talented people, exhilarating rides, clever and colorfully dressed animals and other amazing wonders. What most people don’t see is what happens behind the scenes in circuses and the atrocious environment that animals are forced to live in.

As a father himself, James has small children who wish to go to the circus to see the animals. But the tattoo artist insists on educating his kids about the cruelty of circuses and the way it treats animals as slaves.

The Truth about Hunting

Another issue that James feels strongly about is hunting. For him, hunters are mostly cowards who hide behind justifications that certain animals “need” to be hunted because they are overpopulated. When in truth, these are just reasons to hide the fact that hunters enjoy killing innocent animals and using them as target practices, but are too cowardly to admit the truth.

What You Can Do

James invites everyone to do something instead of just turning a blind eye. He believes that everyone can make a difference by reporting cases of animal cruelty to the right authorities instead of just being silent.