Get glowing glam with Anastasia

She’s Picasso with a makeup palette and just happens to look like a model; Anastasia Black is a godsend to the fashion industry. Designing looks for magazines and advertisements, she makes faces come alive, each one radiating with its own rich energy. Accentuating features with sensual textures and colors, she genuinely understands the root of beauty. No wonder Anastasia remains an online authority for all things glam and crafty.


Anastasia’s beauty looks can be best described as Barbie meets expressionist artist. She combines the ethereal nature of perfectly outlined and contoured features with the drama of heavier accents. Creating highly aestheticized faces, her models seem to glow with an aura emanating beyond the camera. She’s also a master of cheeks, selecting the most complimentary blush colors, which hover between the lines of natural and heavenly.  And to top it off, she also happens to apply highlighter like she invented it – seriously, a porcelain doll can’t even compete!


When Anastasia is mixing it up, she will sometimes add splashes of theatrics to her looks. In what seems to be a Lady Gaga-influenced creation, a model stares up at the camera with golden eyelids and a dark metallic green lash line, smudged and watery, flowing downward into gorgeous abstract streams down the cheeks. The lips are left dark and rouged, outlined clearly and offset by the model’s smooth and glistening skin.


In another one of her popular works, she designs a Barbie-like clown look with beautiful circus makeup. As a cool technique, she uses shimmery fuchsia for the eyes, brows and lips which unifies the face together. As the finishing touch, Anastasia applies multi-colored rhinestones all over the face, adding to the jazzy and clownish theme.


These types of unique and unexpected creations tend to receive an average of over 10K likes. Her fans can’t get enough of her precision and unhindered outbursts of artistic passion. She shares her makeup designs on her YouTube channel, helping aspiring artists practice stepping out of the box. In each video, she doesn’t speak instructionally, but rather, let’s her visual skill and step-by-step approach do the talking. She records the entire process from start to finish, inviting viewers to integrate some of her tricks into their own work.


Makeup artists or beauty buffs who have a soft spot for Barbie will love Anastasia’s technique. You can scope her out on Instagram @black_anastasia

Or subscribe to her YouTube channel.