Insta-dram: Succuvus is All About the (Makeup) Drama

Succuvus is a well-known makeup mogul on Instagram with thousands of followers who are drawn to her eerie, cult-like style. Her real name? Anna Regaldo, an L.A. based artist who embraces both religious and satanic themes in her creations. Using Renaissance art as her muse, she takes a classic painterly approach to makeup, producing looks that feel like they’ve emerged from the depths of hell and heaven combined—the origin is truly mysterious.

Anna channels all sorts of inspirations in her work, alternating between fantasy films, old Christian paintings and even European tapestries as sources of creativity. It can be said that Succuvus also gets her inspiration for these mystifying looks from movies like Pan’s Labyrinth or The Black Swan. Then with her heart-pounding flair for drama, adopts her own interpretation of these films, inventing rarely-seen makeup looks.

In one of her recent creations, she appears villainess with a white face and blood red lips. Her entire eye area is brushed over with feathery strokes of royal blue that reach all the way to her eye brows, producing a fluffy texture that makes her seem almost bird-like. She also has a silver barbell nose ring peeking out from her nostrils, adding to the edgy nature of the look. To finish, she uses false lashes which sweep dramatically across her eyes for a high-impact result.

Anna also creates looks that are goth and even Lucifer-inspired. In one of her makeup designs, she completely overlaps her brows with black paint, extending the whips from her brush over onto her forehead. She use the same pattern over her cupids bow and under her lower lip, mimicking the look of the devil’s facial hair. The eyes are kept dreamy with a hint of evil, with metallic green shadow over the lids and a bold lime color in the inner corners. The rest of her face is kept pallid with subtle contouring around the cheekbones. Overall, this look is a bone-chilling reminder of what makeup is capable of.

Anna’s breathtakingly uncanny way of utilizing makeup products brings a whole new perspective to the MUA industry. If you’re looking for more wild inspiration when it comes to your makeup, check out Anna on Instagram for your daily dose of drama.