Powder can be a tricky artistry: use too much and you’ll appear fake, but use too little and you’ll lack coverage. Since the line between drab and fabulous are very thin, this product must be used with a high degree of care. To use powder effectively, you need to choose the right consistency for your skin type as well as the right color. With these two elements in place, you’ll be ready to create an even skin tone and on overall flawless finish.



You need to use a powder with the right texture for your skin type. If the product’s texture does not match your skin type, it won’t rest nicely on your face and can become noticeable. For ladies with oily skin, a matte powder works best, while those with dry skin should use a moisturising powder. If you have combination skin, you can use both options, placing a matte powder over the T-Zone area and a moisturising powder everywhere else.


When selecting a color, your main goal is to find a shade that seamlessly disappears into the underlying tone of your face. If you end up choosing a color that does not match, the powder can create a mask look– not very chic. You can choose your powder by observing the color of your face. If you have a warm complexion, you should use yellow-based shades. On the other hand, women with fair, cool skin may wear pinkish shades. You can choose the right level of darkness for your tone by finding a powder that is one shade lighter than your skin or matches perfectly. However, if you have  equal levels of warm and cool tones, you will look best in neutral colors.


Powder can be used over your foundation, or on its own. To apply, you will need a large powder brush and sweep in a circular motion, remembering to cover your neck and behind your ears. You may use the “MUST HAVE PRO POWDER BRUSH PRO3F”, which features soft and fluffy hairs to produce professional results. As a more playful option, you can also use the “PERFECTLY PINK POWDER BRUSH PPF1”, which has bright fuchsia tips on the bristles for a fun approach to makeup application!


Although using powder is a great way to control shine, if you apply too many layers over wrinkles, you will accentuate them. So try and keep your application light and even. You can also use powder over your body to hide blemishes and bruises.