The Cosmetic Illusionist: Ariel Diaz


Creating amazing facial transformations, Ariel Diaz is a gifted cosmetic illusionist unlike anyone you’ve ever seen. Using his own face as the canvas, Ariel changes himself into a full-on beauty queen, and never holds back on the glitz and glam. His ability to visually sculpt and decorate his face into a radically enhanced aesthetic is an unreal sight.


His talents are particularly special, coming from an industry that is so female-dominated. As Ariel shows us how makeup can be used on men, he invites his followers and fellow makeup artists to appreciate this art form in a broader light.


Contouring is one of Ariel’s specialties. He has a sophisticated understanding of his facial forms and is able to render them beautifully in order to create new, dramatized shapes. On Instagram, he transforms himself into his favorite celebs, demonstrating the extent of his illusionist talents. In some posts, he is Angelina Jolie, and shows off his luscious lips and sharply contoured cheek bones. In another post, he is Marilyn Monroe, mimicking the retro makeup with full-coverage powder, sleek eye liner and a rouge pout. His ability to alter his face so drastically and take on a more feminized look is simply outstanding.


In addition to his illusions, Ariel also creates fun glamor makeup looks. From sizzling gold eye shadow to the perfect nose contour, Ariel reveals an enormous passion for the Illusionist potential of makeup. He is also gifted with foundation with a remarkable ability to smooth and soften his face. Best of all, he’s the king of eyebrows; even on his lazy no makeup days, Ariel never fails to fill them in and rock them proudly.


The combination of Ariel’s work and personality marks a bold opposition to gender stereotypes, upholding the value of confidence and self-love. On his Twitter, he offers his support for Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner), writing, “This is a pivotal point in history. Caitlyn, you’re gorgeous.”


Ariel’s YouTube Channel is also immensely popular with over 20,000 subscribers. He provides realistic product recommendations and makeup tutorials. In the videos, he is laid-back and unapologetically real, allowing his viewers to appreciate his no nonsense way of sharing his thoughts and techniques. Overall, he models the importance of celebrating our individuality and having the guts to share it with the world.

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