To Maxi, cosmetics may just be a hobby, but to the rest of her fans and followers, she’s a makeup Mozart! Turning herself into all sorts of fantasy creatures and characters, she fills her Instagram page with snapshots of her metamorphosis. Maxi’s looks are both dazzling in their beauty, yet also wildly transcending; you’re invited into an enchanted world! With gorgeous magic realism, her work is fit for the big leagues of Hollywood movies, making it almost impossible to believe she’s self-taught.


Maxi’s Instagram page is a drastic departure from reality. Her representation of the supernatural is delivered with exquisite detail and imagination. Using cosmetics, props and costume, she gives life to fictional characters, making herself almost unrecognizable in her shots. Her style can be best described as “Lord of the Rings” meets high-glam, mixed with some subtle anime influences. In turn, Maxi channels the best ideas from a variety of visual domains to curate her personal brand of fantasy.


As one of the most iconic features in Maxi’s work, you’ll always see a strong highlighted cheekbone with razor-sharp radiance. They’re always popping up with brilliant color and shine, evoking vitality and even a feel of mysticism. Then, she brings in her accessories: elf ears, horns, crowns and glorious wigs of all colors, silver, orange, emerald and rose gold. In her creation, “Empress of the Moon”, she dives deeply into her bag of tricks, and transforms herself into a sea-green majesty. Maxi uses a bright turquoise for her eyes and faux freckles, and a shiny purple for her contouring, lips and brows. She then completes the look with a wig of ethereal ocean-colored curls, a jewel headdress and nose ring– finally, the greenish Instagram filter ties it all together!


Occasionally, Maxi will also add horror themes to her work, turning herself into a zombie bride or an evil sorceress. In her creation called “The Feast”, Maxi becomes a blood-sucking yet beautiful white demon inspired by Greek mythology. For this look, she takes imagery from the stories of the Dionysian cults, the creatures of madness who practice dark rituals in the forest.


The concept is hauntingly breathtaking; her face is porcelain with her cheeks coated with an icy pink blush, decorated with tiny pearls along the highlighted area. Her lips are dipped in a juicy, blackish-berry gloss, showing the aftermath of feasting on another creature. It’s fantasy makeup at its best!


If you crave a great visual escape, you can follow Maxi on Instagram at @twiggybraindead.