Breaking Boundaries One Day At a Time: Timothy Hung


We all know that rare “wow” moment when we’re awe-struck by epic makeup. With Timothy Hung, these experiences are rampant. As a natural-born visionary and glamorizer, he develops trailblazing looks, completely re-imagining the stage of avant-garde makeup. Yet, just as impressively, Timothy is also celebrated for his editorial work; he cultivates high-end fashion looks, including hair styling. Collectively, his accomplishments in the industry are a golden standard for what it means to liberate the culture of makeup.


The idea that makeup and fashion are inseparable is the sparkling philosophy in Timothy’s work. He actually began his artistic journey as a student of fashion design, graduating with first class  honors from Istituto Maragoni School of Fashion Design in Italy. Later, Timothy began spreading his genius throughout the international runway circuit in Milan. Over the years, he has participated in dozens of major shows.


Unable to be restrained to runway, Timothy has also sprinkled his gifts among various music videos and editorial publications–most notably, Maxim and Elle Magazine. With his multi-faceted background, it’s clear that his artistic roots are deeply embedded in fashion. This diversity translates effortlessly into his editorial work. For this genre, he shows an uncanny ability to render both softness and fierceness in his makeup. The skin always appears seamlessly airbrushed and delicate, while the eye makeup evokes depth and expressiveness. The lips also reveal a stunning level of control over his craft. They can change from looking sweet and bountiful, or blast with boldness and dimension.


Timothy’s avant-garde work is deeply inspired by Kim Chi, a Korean-American drag queen/artist. He embodies Kim Chi’s penchant for over-the-top wildness, while also focusing on the essentials of beauty and design. These creations are posted on his Instagram page, which he uses as a personalized portfolio, documenting the broad scopes of his experimentation. When scrolling through these images, you can see his range of influences: you get the imagination of Cirque de Soleil, blended with couture; gothic chic infused with high-fashion; or spiritualism mixed with rocker glam.


Timothy is essentially a makeup leader. He interprets current trends while also raising some new ones. In turn, he’s certainly a MUA celebrity worthy of the title, and we simply can’t wait to see what he invents next.