Caroline Torbahn Uncovers the Essence of Makeup


Diving into all the gloop and gunk of makeup, Caroline Torbahn is a makeup artist who sincerely loves the essence of her craft. She’s known for her rich technique, distinctive in its fluid and sensual application of makeup, a key reason why magazine editors and photographers love to work with her. She works with both hair and makeup, travelling between Hamburg, Berlin and London for various international lifestyle magazines and commercial clients.


Caroline started her career in 2011, working exclusively with cosmetics. In 2012, she became certified in hair and makeup in Munich, and has since been working as a freelance artist. Caroline has worked for some of the major players in the industry and has worked with Val Garland’s Team for London Fashion Week. Throughout her career, her personal style has flourished through a genuine love for detail combined with a drive for innovation.


One look at Caroline’s portfolio and it’s undeniably clear that she’s an artist who lives and breathes makeup. She’s very poetic in her approach, showing an appreciation for the texture and ambiance of every product she uses. Smokey eye takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to her work. In one of her close-up shots, she shows us an effortlessly sexy smokey eye, created with a heavy yet intuitive application of gun-metal shadow and sparkles. The entire effect feels loose, free and high-fashion.


Alongside this devotion to the artistry of makeup, Caroline also has a deep appreciation for its subtleties. She reveals this interest through her fresh-faced freckled models. In many of her beauty shots, she uses models with freckles, allowing these stipples of pigmentation to act as a raw aesthetic quality all on its own. The combination of the model’s distinctive freckled skin and Caroline’s flowing technique produces a multi-dimensional effect.


Caroline’s exceptional skills were shown off beautifully at the 2016 Fashion Week in Berlin. She creates an epic look to celebrate the lavishness of pigment. For this creation, Carolina uses a turquoise blue eye liner and then applies a mosaic of colors in a stippling motion all around the eyes and brows. She finishes it off with an ombre berry-color lip for an overall playful vibe.


Makeup enthusiasts are encouraged to glance through through Caroline’s portfolio. Her work can also be seen on her personal website or Instagram.