Colorful Beauty with Caty


She’s gaga for color and comic books— Caty, the kooky makeup artist, is known for her flamboyant work. As she tries a variety of styles on herself, Caty is able to freely model a variety of original looks. Her Instagram page is filled with tons of wild transformations, each one featuring a cool statement such as ice pink hair or deadly eggplant lips. These creative expressions have awarded her a strong following of beauty bloggers who are inspired by her daring looks.


Caty’s originality is largely influenced by the comic book and video game culture. As an enormous fan of Dragon Age, a heroic fantasy video game, Caty embraces the sublime and supernatural aura of the story and characters. You can see this inspiration through her creation of mystical hair and ethereal eyes.


One of the most prominent qualities in Caty’s work are her heart-dropping lips. She uses flashy colors and then sharply outlines the lips for an attention-grabbing effect that is also quite tantalizing. The eyes are equally intense with exaggerated false lashes and frosty eyelids.


With each of these looks, it’s clear that Caty loves to envision unique arrangements with makeup, combining different colors together in unusual harmony. From sheer pink hair combined with an eerie smoky eye or turquoise curls aired with a mauve pout, her imagination is always active with amazing ideas.


This year, Caty has started a YouTube channel to continue sharing her ideas with fellow makeup artists. In her first ever post titled, “Get Ready With Me! Blue & Purple Butterfly Eyes and Black Lips”, Caty shows viewers how to emulate her quirky out-of-the-box makeup style. Although she does not talk to her viewers through the tutorial, her actions speak miles as she moves step-by-step along the glamification process.