Charmaseyes Makeup Artist

The self-proclaimed, 'eye glitter artist', Charmaseyes takes glamorous looks to new heights with her makeup artistry. For Charmaseyes, glitter is so much more than a highlight. By using a range of color, texture and shaped glitter, Charmaseyes can craft an ultra glam look, bringing light and depth to any canvas or complexion. 

While some may associate glitter with over-enthusiastic children, used by the right makeup artist it can elevate a makeup look to a new, dazzling level. For example, Charmaseyes' popular 'Star Girl' look sees intricate rows of tiny glitter stars lining her eyes. The mastery and precision needed to achieve such uniformity takes away the chaos associated with glitter and instead showcases glitter as an artistic tool. The look is completed by a blinding violet highlight and a yellow/blue cut crease, showing how glitter can take an amazing look to a new creative height.

Charmaseyes' success on Instagram perhaps lies in the versatility of her makeup. Her page is filled with both inspiration for high glitz designs and more creative, illustrated looks. Her 'A Taste of Sunrise and Culture' features a cut crease, halo eye with small, dainty birds flying towards her brow bone. 

With her Instagram bio reading 'Everyone Needs Some Sparkle In Their Life', Charmaseyes tries to bring some sparkle to each of her current followers. With over 2000 followers to date, Charmaseyes lists every product used in her makeup look, sharing both popular makeup brands and unknown, independent companies with her followers. With her humorous, down-to-earth captions for her looks, Charmaseyes never tries to alienate her audience, rather she encourages everyone to play and have fun with their makeup.

With so much glitter at her disposal, nothing is set to dull this makeup artist's sparkle. From rainbow glitters liners to diamond encrusted eyes, we can't wait to see what this artist does next…