@chlooe_hearts the cut crease queen!

Chloe: Cut Crease Queen

French certified makeup artist, Chloe, is cutting through Instagram obscurity with her daring cut crease looks. This self-proclaimed “rainbow gal” backs her claim by using bold and bright colors drawn from the entire humanly visible colour spectrum. Her style and showcasing abilities have developed rapidly and she now blesses Instagram feeds with highly technical eye looks executed to lofty standards.

Known as @chlooe_hearts to her legion of over 34 thousand Instagram followers, Chloe delivers extravagant and artistic eye looks. When scrolling through her Instagram feed there is an evident epic transformation in her eye looks, her photography skills and how she showcases her looks, and the development of her retro hair clip signature. You only have to spend a second reading the comments on Chloe’s posts to see the immense respect and appreciation her followers have for her impressive make-up skills.

Up close and personal snaps of Chloe’s creations display her flawless blending skills of highly pigmented shades. Equally, if not more impressive, is the accuracy and precision of her cut creases. Every cut crease look you carefully assess will only show the cleanest and slickest lines. The impressive ability to consistently reproduce one of hardest skills in eye makeup time and again elevates Chloe to the royal status of Cut Crease Queen!

It appears that Chloe truly struck her authentic style in October 2018, when she began her signature use of hair clips. The more recent adoption of the 90’s rainbow snap hair clips compliments her dramatic eye looks and creates a cohesive piece of art. Not only are the 90’s hair clips a nostalgic throwback, but they somehow make sense of today’s over the top eye looks. Smearing the entire eyelid up to the brow bone with bright blue eyeshadows was all the rage in the 90’s, and it appears that much of today’s bright all-over looks are essentially 90’s eye make-up all glowed up!

Chloe’s talents are second to none and are refreshingly well executed. Let it be known - @chlooe_hearts has set a quality standard for Instagram MUAs, and it doesn’t appear that the Cut Crease Queen will be surrendering her crown anytime soon!