Glam it up with CHRISSPY MAKEUP


Makeup innovator and blogger extraordinaire, Christina is a machine gun when it comes to explosions of glamor and color. Known for her brilliant sexilicous makeup techniques, her style can be best described as sex kitten meets superstar! Her stunningly vibrant looks on Instagram reveal her vast appreciation for female sensuality and positive energy.


Christina, AKA Chrisspy, has demonstrated a penchant for creativity from an early age. As her passion for art blossomed, she began to share her powerful voice through her work, transmitting her messages with a sharp, bold and avant-garde approach. After working for MAC cosmetics in San Francisco, Christina moved to Los Angeles, earned a bachelor’s degree from UCLA, and began posting pictures online to showcase her bombshell makeup techniques.


The Chrisspy look is adored for its unabashed burst of feminine verve — think Candice Swinepole with a hint of Lady Gaga. Her makeup style always exudes sex appeal; she is a wiz at creating thick flirty lashes, juicy lips and striking eyes, which could light up a room. The eyes are her signature specialty, as she produces a variety of styles like spirit fire eyes with starburst color, mysterious glitter smoke eyes and a vogue take on blackout eyes. Her repertoire also includes special effects makeup such as skull masks and mermaid faces. Overall, her inspiring work is filled with fervor and love, offering the perfect pick-me-up for true makeup fanatics.


To learn how to mimic these fabulous looks, you can check out her You Tube videos and tutorials, available on her website blog at Her step-by-step approach and clear-cut descriptions make it easy to create these high-intensity techniques at home. Her blog is also filled with motivational information about the beauty industry, such as first-hand interviews with prestigious makeup artists like the illustrious Troy Jenson. Through her work, she hopes to inspire friends and contribute to the colorful world of cosmetics, but most importantly, she hopes to empower women with the tools to look their best!


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