Claudia Yvette Takes Over Sin City

If nails were a kingdom, Claudia Yvette would be its all-powerful dictator — with a hot mani.  A few sweeps at the hands of her well-polished fingers, and this Vegas-based makeup artist blazes through nail creations like a designer without mercy. From diamond effects to textured chrome, this nail-zilla takes over Sin City! In addition to nails, no one can look away from her feisty makeup style: sleek brows, flashy lashes and smokey shadow for days. Quite frankly, it’s no shocker that Claudia’s Instagram is 163K followers strong!


One glance at her doe-eyed, colorful peepers and you know it’s Claudia’s handiwork.  Combining the seductive va-va boom of Jessica Rabbit and the innovation of modern art, Claudia secures a special aesthetic that exudes pure steam—it might as well carry the warning label, “danger: handle with care!”.


As one of her key trademarks, Claudia loves making eyes pop using all sorts of rarely-seen techniques. Most often, she overdraws the highlight on the eyelid, giving it a wide Bambie-like allure. For the crease, the shaded part is always blended seamlessly, sometimes fused with other subtle hues to create gorgeous and unexpected gradients.


Other times, Claudia may create an ombré eyelid look, starting with a highlight along the inner corner, blended outward into a darker shade— it’s actually pure genius! Pretty much, if our eyes are the windows to our souls, you can only hope for Claudia to be the artist of yours!


Then there’s her nails—does “wowzers” even cut it? Any design or finish you can imagine, Claudia has dominated it and more! Her post of holographic nails are a shock-raiser, featuring high-shine chrome stiletto tips: a fusion of ultramarine blue, jade and copper — all in metallic! Amazing, right?


And just as chic, her purple marble nails, all funky and cracked, earned likes from over 1600 followers. Another worthy mention is her fiery take on the French manicure, with red stiletto tips which extend along the sides of the nail, creating a flame silhouette. No matter what nail design she comes up with, her ideas are never short of awesome!


These high standards are also impressively imbued in her selfie skills. Better than your average over-glorified selfie, Claudia’s have a more natural spin. She poses effortlessly, letting the makeup do the talking, giving us a more casual, homemade feel. It’s a much-welcomed  change from all those hyper-filtered, photoshopped versions we usually see on Instagram. And let’s just say, all the power to ya, girl!