Cole Carrigan: Raw talent

Versatile, creative and irreverent, self-taught makeup artist Cole Carrigan has attracted over 98,000 followers on his Instagram feed @colecarrigann.

So what’s all the fuss about? Take Cole’s “31 days of Halloween” – it’s a wonderful showcase of this Dallas, Texas artist’s talents. He really has fun with the Halloween theme, working his magic not only on his face but extending it down to his neck and chest.

Like all good artists, Cole acknowledges his sources of inspiration. He is so much more than a mere copycat. He plays with looks created by other makeup experts and makes them his own.

He also rigorously lists the products he uses so that others, in turn, can borrow his creations. (In some of his Instagram posts he shows us his stash of products and makeup tools - it’s a truly enviable collection!)

In his “31 days of Halloween” series, Cole presents us with a delicious range of spooky characters. He interprets through makeup and costume such iconic favorites as a sublime Cruella de Vil complete with dalmatian eyelids; a cool, gothic Bride of Chucky and a soulful Edward Scissorhands. Be afraid but also be impressed by Cole’s talent.

One of the standout looks in the Halloween series is that of Alice in Wonderland. “Time is running out Alice” is his tagline for this character. Cole’s Alice has a timepiece artfully painted onto her face and an edgy blue and white costume painted onto her upper body. She seems to be in some serious trouble. I wonder what this Alice in Wonderland's story is? 

Cole’s version of Uma Thurman's character in Kill Bill is another stunning Halloween makeup look. The eyes capture the fierce determination of the Kill Bill heroine while the recreation of her yellow jumpsuit through the use of makeup is amazing. The jumpsuit took Cole three and a half hours to complete, he claims. There is some skilled 3D illusion work happening here! 

Throughout his Instagram feed, it’s clear that Cole likes a strong, well-defined brow. It’s a proven way to frame the face and when the arch is in perfect alignment with the eye, as is always the case for Cole, the final effect is a totally flawless look.

If you want to be wowed by raw talent, check out Cole Carrigan’s Instagram feed at @colecarrigann.