Cora Alvillar is a vintage-inspired beauty and fashion blogger, delivering a fresh approach to self-improvement for both the inside and out. Based in California, this plus-sized, pink haired beauty specializes in blogging about exciting alternative makeup looks. Cora also creates vlogs for her popular YouTube channel vintageortacky, which has an impressive 238,000 subscribers. With her whimsical personality and eccentric taste, Cora’s social network has become a colorful online kingdom of makeup geeks and die-hards.

There’s really never a dull moment when reading Cora’s fashion and beauty blog– it’s truly one worth following. Her product reviews and tutorials are highly creative as they reflect Cora’s unique eye for glamour. From posts about punk hair dyes to neon eyeshadow, Cora is relentless in her love for colors and self-expression. She really knows how to push the boundaries between being original and just plain weird!

Her posts are always a fantastic read as she treats us to a writing style that is genuine and playful, yet straight-to-the-point. In terms of her approach to makeup, Cora’s Instagram page is full of looks that can be best described as Vintage with a twist. So, when it comes to makeup with Cora, you can say good bye to the formulaic precision of editorial cookie-cutter faces. Rather, Cora is all about creating quirky out-of-the box looks for real people.

Cora also works as a freelance makeup artist, offering everything from personal lessons to bridal. Throughout her career, Cora has always gained inspiration from the value of being yourself and encourages the same for her viewers. For this reason, her videos and blogs are about so much more than just fashion and beauty; they inspire others to embrace who they are as individuals. With a firm belief that confidence is your sexiest accessory, Cora endeavours to help others unlock this weapon, while helping to facilitate their self-improvement.

To view Cora’s blogs and tutorials, you may visit her website at as well as her You Tube channel at You may also follow her on Instagram at to enjoy some beautiful, yet unconventional makeup looks.