Marie Dausell, The Tasteful Statement Maker

When an avant-garde vision meets natural talent, you get Marie Dausell, a makeup artist who puts the “awe” into beauty editorials. Rising above the mere scope of design, she brilliantly brings along her eye for fashion, making each creation a memorably chic statement. From abstract minimalism to dynamic pops of color, Marie’s style always feels refreshing and new. Prepare to wake up your senses as she sets the vanguard of makeup.


Energy is always bursting through Marie’s work. Each look beams with a rich assortment of hues as she makes careful color choices that seem to almost bounce off the page. Her application style is also wonderfully varied; she alternates between gentle, pillowy touches and the occasional bold impact. Her ability to switch between her free-flowing handiwork and stricter, rigid perfection is remarkable. Overall, her work has a trendsetting appeal while also being tasteful.


Among Marie’s most key stylistic trademarks is her light-handed treatment of the model’s skin. If strobing could be done by the heavens itself, Marie would be the creative director. Her ability to create luminous, velvety skin is almost uncanny. Although it’s a subtle beauty, it’s this vital detail that makes her vibrant colors stand out. This clean makeup style is also shown through her technique for eyebrows. She carefully enhances the brow shape to appear more luxurious and vogue, but keeps her application light, letting the brows appear natural to keep the focus on the eye makeup.


Marie’s expertise has been used in editorials for Elle, Revs, RAW, and Contributor.  She reveals a strong range of skill, capturing a variety of themes from barely-there makeup to radical designs. Beyond her magazine work, her Instagram page offers a clear reflection of her identity as a makeup artist. Metallic sequins, neon color swatches and colored mascara are just a few fixtures in Marie’s artistic arsenal. She’s also a master of body paint, creating sumptuous slabs of color to accentuate the female form.


Explore her portfolio of multi-dimensional looks on her website at http://www.mariedausell.com. If you are interested in a collaboration, you can contact Marie at mariedausell@hotmail.com. And for some of her personal work, you can follow her on Instagram at @dausell.