Depeche Gurl– Just a Modern 80’s Girl Stuck in the 90’s


Christina is a magnificent makeup artist, gifted with an edgy flair for glam. Specializing in both soft and gothic looks, she designs moody creations born out of today’s latest cosmetic trends. Along with her addiction to purple, Christina loves showing off the amazing possibilities of this color. She also loves dolling up her own lips, and with some luscious puckers at that, she shares her kisser with her 840K Instagram followers, spreading her unique style with her fans from all over the globe.


Christina’s makeup sensibility offers a brilliant blend of her personal taste and the industry’s leading innovations. She’s a sucker for hard edges, as seen through her use of sharp eye brows and heavily lined lips. Her color choices are marked by an affinity for sensual blacks and soft pastels, a combination that’s both fierce and feminine at the same time. As a result, each of her looks offer a strong, powerful sense of beauty, one that stops you in the street and makes you listen carefully—in a good way! And that’s when you know makeup has done its job. Respect.


You can really recognize her love for the texture of makeup through her various lip designs on Instagram. In each post, she applies lipstick with such precision and accuracy, the lips seem to be naturally born with that color. With hundreds of images, depicting her lip designs, her entire Instagram page is a grand showcase for her creative mind map.


Christina’s overall makeup artistry also reflects this style. Her portfolio of work is always clean and ridiculously flawless, making you want to take a microscope to her face and study its sublime perfection. Using this detailed approach, Christina plays up her eyes using sleek, sharp liner and gorgeous blends of shadows. Her bejeweled lip collection is particularly outstanding, including a black spikey pout, a fiery ombre version, and a romantic flower-covered one. The extent of her ideas is truly boundless.


She posts a wide variety of visual inspirations to show the source of her ideas. From wacky cartoon characters to the allure of nature, Christina uses tons of diverse interests to lend originality to her work. To top it all off, she’s a plus size fashion rep, modelling love and confidence for women of every size and shape. Props to the girl who’s got it all! Let us know what you think of Christina’s work in the Facebook comments ↓