@divinamuse makeup artist



Divina Muse, or @divinamuse as her followers know her is the kind of punk princess you want to hang out and create art with. With a following of 99 thousand followers, @divinamuse's Instagram is loaded with grungy punk themes and a rocker chick vibe that oozes creativity throughout her makeup art.

Browsing through @divinamuse's Instagram will take you on a journey of flurried brush strokes mixed with intricately detailed features created with care. The contrast leaves us with a graphic and visually appealing makeup design. In one of her pieces, she paints the words "Lust for life" on her bottom lip then smothers it with clear gloss, contrasting with an all-black matte upper lip. 

In another piece, @divinamuse paints her lips with a metallic brown shade, adds some text to her face and smokes out the outer corners of her eyes. On her hands is clawed silver jewellery to top off the look.

Many of her looks feature a bad-arse babe who isn't scared to try new things or to smear her face with color and movement. Her daring attitude is showcased with whimsical skull designs and rapid-fire brush strokes giving a level of authenticity to her works.

This refreshing young talent is sure to only get better with time and we are excited about her makeup future. To contact @divinamuse: