The Jaw-dropping Makeup Artist, Dixie Wolf


If you’ve ever searched for makeup looks that can truly make you say, “wow”, you will find it on Dixie Wolf’s Instagram page. Unbelievably gifted and twenty-thousand-followers-strong, this babe is as stimulating as her nickname. Her range of makeup demos and trials are spellbinding and innovative as she hypnotises people with groundbreaking techniques and aesthetic illusions. At only 20 years of age, and with no formal training, she has successfully become a highly coveted source of inspiration for teens and makeup artists around the world.


Dixie Wolf or Georgia B. is based in Sydney Australia and is 100% self-taught. With an affinity for pugs, horror movies and all things colorful and sparkly, she exudes confidence in her mastery of all types of makeup. Her skills range from bridal to the movie industry, conquering the delicate artistry of special effects. This hot makeup sensation also maintains a popular blog, which keeps her fans updated on new looks, products reviews and tutorials.


Georgia’s work with special effects makeup is an outstanding marvel. She reveals a wonderfully unique style, which can be described as wildly ghoulish yet oddly beautiful. They offer an eerie fusion of demon doll and emo princess that is quite reminiscent of Tim Burton films. To create these horror-inspired looks, the makeup visionary uses white contact lenses, morbid hairstyles and devilish eyebrow shapes as well as fake blood, bruises and scars. When she combines these horrifying techniques with glamorous makeup, she breathes life into her living dolls of terror!


In addition to these terrifying spectacles, Georgia also creates original beauty looks that can be worn in everyday life. Her ultimate specialty is enhancing the eyes in remarkably vivid ways using neat touches like aqua wings or a powder purple mist. She also understands how to use color to produce striking illusions. As one of her most captivating tricks, she highlights the eyelid above the crease line, and then creates a higher-up cut-crease by contouring it with a darker shadow. This technique creates the impression of large juicy eyes— which are simply magnificent!


Georgia’s radical makeup breakthroughs can be viewed on her Instagram page at http://instagram.com/dixiewolff/ or her Tumblr at http://dixiewolffmakeup.tumblr.com/. To browse through her blog filled with tutorials and reviews, you may visit her blog at http://dixiewolffmakeup.blogspot.ca.