Colorific Makeup with Dominique D’Angelo


Dominique D’Angelo is a makeup artist based in California with an unstoppable color craze. From fuchsia brows to emerald eye shadow effects, she’s recognized online as an avid adventurist in her field. With nearly 200 000 Instagam followers, she stands as a powerful inspirer for her fellow artists and makeup buffs. She’s also an influential tweeter, posting unique insights and shout-outs, which are adored by her base of enthusiastic admirers.


Dominique is known for her color-themed looks on Instagram. As her personal trademark, she combines different hues of hair and makeup to create a wild and playful aesthetic that’s still super beautiful. She recently posted a purple series, revealing a variety of stunning makeup concepts to match her violet ombre hair. In one version, she plays up the purple theme with her eyes by applying a matte lilac shadow for the base and a dark plum shade in her crease and outer corners. She then adds a soft pink petal lipstick, cleverly tying the whole look together. Overall, her color series are a cool way to showcase the artistry of her makeup ideas.


As another part of her repertoire, this colormaster designs high-fashion editorial makeup looks. In one of her recent deigns, she shows us a heavenly mosaic of eye shadow colors which appear breathlessly elegant on her blue-green eyes. She applies a bluish charcoal shadow over the upper and lower eye lid and then uses a metallic mauve in the crease. She then fades the mauve shadow into a gold highlight under the brow bone. Finally, Dominique accents the inner corners of the eye with an abstract dab of high pearl green shadow, which gleams mystically with an angel-kissed glow.


We can appreciate how Dominique documents her creative thoughts. As written on her Instagram profile, she states a personal quote: “What do you see when your eyes are closed?” Her motto suggests that real imagination can be unleashed by diving more deeply into ourselves. This means that we can harness our creativity by moving away from the surface-level distractions of everyday life to connect with our innermost ideas and dreams.


Dominique’s Twitter page is equally fascinating, filled with thoughtful and motivational statements. On 15 Dec 2015, she wrote, “do you love yourself without the filters?” This question encourages us to think about our obsession with digital editing, while also asking us to consider our level of self-acceptance. Ultimately, we need to think about how much energy we put into perfecting our photos and instead focus more on loving ourselves the way we are!


For Dominique’s positive daily thoughts, you can follow her on Twitter @dominiqueldr or add her on Instagram to see her fabulous work.