Dr. Hadwen Trust: Paving the Way for Animal-Free Medical Research

Do you have pets that you love or dearly care about? Do you consider these pets as part of your family? Do you believe that animals deserve to have a life of freedom and comfort instead of being subjected to torture and death for the sake of science? Do you agree that animals do not belong behind bars in laboratories?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you will want to learn more about DHT or Dr. Hadwen Trust. Even though DHT is located in the UK, its advocacy and practices are something that the entire world can learn from. Dr. Hadwen Trust is basically a charitable organization that funds and promotes medical research WITHOUT animal testing. The organization accomplishes this goal by providing grants to scientists who undertake research with the aim of determining methods on how to replace animal testing in medical experiments.

Since 1971, DHT has managed to provide grants to more than 160 projects. These projects covered some of the most serious—and most common—medical conditions including: cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and liver disorders to name a few.

It’s hard to understand what the trust is fighting for if you are not aware of the depth and gravity of the problem. You’ve probably purchased a cosmetic or makeup item that says “No Animal Testing” on the label. That product has to boast this label because animal testing is practically a given in the beauty and cosmetics’ industry. The same goes for the biomedical industry. If you’ve ever taken a pill for a headache or have been vaccinated against a disease of some sort, chances are some type of animal testing has been done to verify the safety and effectiveness of that drug or vaccine. In other words, some poor innocent animal suffered or died in the process of bringing about these medical developments.

Most people believe that animal testing is necessary—and even acceptable—in order to improve and save human lives. However, there is growing evidence that results from animal testing are not necessarily applicable to humans. In other words, information that results from animal testing is not completely reliable.

DHT aims to end the medical community’s long tradition of using animals for experiments that turn out to produce inaccurate data. Instead, the organization endeavours to look for more effective methodologies. Not only will this lead to more accurate scientific research but it also makes a more compassionate and humane community.