Let’s start by saying outright that the documentary Earthlings is not for the faint of heart.

If you don’t like violence, blood, pain or any image that involves suffering then this award-winning documentary film will be difficult for you to watch. And unlike horror, gore and action movies, the violence depicted in Earthlings is 100% real.

Narrated by renowned actor Joaquin Phoenix, the documentary features rarely seen and highly graphic footage of how animals are being treated for human consumption, not just for food but for our clothing, medical and even entertainment needs. The footage comes from slaughterhouses, animal shelters, pet stores, research labs, factories and even fur, leather and fashion industries.

Many people who have seen the documentary dubbed it as “the Vegan maker”. The scenes of suffering animals are so gut-wrenchingly powerful that some give up eating meat.

You can contribute to the cause by spreading the word and encouraging others to watch this very enligtening documentary. You can also financially donate to Nation Earth, the organization behind Earthlings. Donations will help support the group’s efforts of producing more educational works and promoting animal rights activism.

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