HOW TO APPLY: Eyeliner

From sexy come-hither eyes to flirty peepers, our eyeliner is one of the most powerful tools for adding drama to our stare. Depending on your personality, you can create a variety of interesting looks. As the eyeliner has many uses, you can drastically develop the effect of your eyes whether you want to simply define them or compliment the color.

Here are some great tips for how to use eyeliner like a pro!



Your choice of color has a huge impact on how you play up your eyes. Ladies with light eyes such as honey brown or blue will look fierce with a jet black eye liner. But, if you’re looking for a more casual look, you may opt for charcoal or brown.  Ladies with dark eyes may choose a royal blue eyeliner, which adds depth to the eye. Finally, if your eyes are hazel or green, you can look radiant with a deep plum eyeliner, producing a stunning contrast to your natural eye color.


You may experiment with different application techniques according to your aesthetic needs. To create the appearance of a thicker lash bed, you must apply the eye liner above your upper lash line over your eye lids. You may use the “PERFECTLY PINK PRECISION LINER BRUSH”, which features a tiny tip for expert control over your lines.  Creating the perfect line on one eye is easy, yet recreating that exact same line on the other eye is the tricky part. So, you will need to practice getting close to the lash line with a flat or angled liner and apply with a steady hand. You may control the intensity of your lines by using the thick side of the brush for thick bold lines and the pointy tip for thin lines.


Women who have large eyes may apply their eye liner on the inside rim (water line) of the lower lash for a sultry look. If you have smaller eyes, however, you may apply the eye liner just below the lower lash line, helping to create “bigger eyes”. You may use the “PERFECTLY PINK ANGLED LINER BRUSH” to define the lower lash line smoothly and seamlessly.



Women can also change the look of their eye shape with different eyeliner tricks. Women with smaller eyes can create the illusion of larger eyes by applying a white eyeliner to the inside rim of the lower lash. This opens up the eye area for happy, flirty peepers. You can also add length to round eyes by extending the line on your upper lash, creating a sassy cat-eye look.



If you apply your eyeliner wet, you can save you a ton of money on eyeliner pencils! You can take your precision liner brush and mix your eyeliner with a drop or two of water — the less water you use the more color payoff you’ll get. Also, wet applications last a lot longer than dry applications, so once you have mastered the art of this technique, you won’t be able to live without it!