Set your soul on fire

Nathalie Owusu is fearless in the pursuit of what sets her soul on fire. 

This 20-year-old Ghanaian woman has a spirited approach to beauty and makeup. Her Instagram account, @flossynubian, currently has 16,600 followers and it’s easy to understand why.

Her makeup looks range from dramatically daring goddess, to modern grunge, to sexy and sultry, and then back to prettily polished girl next door. And her makeup application skills are “insane” as many of her followers have commented.

Getting the right look for Nathalie involves trial and error. Her philosophy is this: You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens. 

Through her experimentation, Nathalie has acquired great skills. Indeed, her highlighting, blending and contouring abilities are enviable. Some of her tips and tricks may be “quirky”, as Nathalie herself acknowledges in her videos, but they work.

What she does with her eyes can be truly magical. When she adds warm, bright colors, as she does in her “summer sunset” look, the effect is stunning. The layering, blending and brushing come together in the most amazing way.

Another hot look is her “grunge blue” masterpiece. She uses striking shades of turquoise and glitter - with the addition of false lashes - to create eyes that are simply arresting. But best of all about this look, this young artist applies lashings of peacock blue to her lips (and also under her eyes) to clever effect. This is makeup that pushes the boundaries and shows genuine inventiveness. 

In her “carnival look” she throws the rulebook out once again. She uses a combination of fiery red tones with highlights of golden-yellow on her eyes. Then she strategically places rhinestones above and below her eyes. On her lips, she uses a warm glossy orange-red. The result is a very original and captivating take on carnival.

It’s young, creative artists like Nathalie who are bringing freshness and fun to the makeup game. She says on Instagram that she’s in the process of rebranding. Whatever the future holds for this fearless and talented woman, it’s bound to be interesting!

Check out her tutorials on her YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv4OgASXpBGioze8aQpUqqg and follow her Instagram account @flossynubian.