Foundation creates the canvas for most makeup looks. It evens out the skin tone to create a clearer base on which to apply colors evenly. When you follow the right steps, your foundation can create that beautiful airbrushed look that every woman craves.



It is important to use a foundation brush to apply the product because this technique is more hygienic than using your bare fingers.  Since our fingers collect a lot of oil and bacteria, you should not use them directly on your clients face to apply foundation. This is especially important if you or your client have acne-prone skin to prevent blemishes and spots. Having said this, sometimes the warmth of your fingers emulsifies the foundation and blends the product beautifully – rules are meant to be broken right?

You can apply your foundation like a pro with our “BLACK BEAUTY MULTI-PURPOSE BLENDING BRUSH”. The angled edge of this luxury brush allows you to navigate the contours of the face to obtain the perfect base. Also, the intensely soft bristles glide smoothly over your skin for a fresh result. To blend the product into those hard to reach areas, you may use the “MUST HAVE PRO POINTED BLENDING BRUSH”. This versatile brush allows you to smooth out the product in tricky areas such as around the nostrils or the inner corner of your eyes.



Here are some key steps to follow to create a natural-looking base:

1. Start with a small amount of foundation on your brush and apply to the middle of your face and blend outwards in small strokes. Continue applying and blending with your brush until you reach your hairline and neck. You must blend into the neck to avoid the ‘mask’ look. Finally, you may use a concealer brush, or an eye shadow brush to get into those hard to reach places, and blend well.

2. To keep the foundation in place through the day, you may apply a translucent powder to control the product from slipping away.


3. If you know you’re going to be photographed, you should apply your foundation evenly over your whole face — not just the areas you think need evening out, as the camera tends to accentuate uneven application as light and dark patches. For underwater photography, make sure you use an oil based cream foundation – this ensures your foundation stays put during the shoot.


The last aspect of foundation that you must consider is your color choice. The main goal is to select a color that disappears seamlessly into the underlying tone of your face. This is an important consideration as you do not want your foundation to remain overly visible or fake. If you’re complexion is warm, you should use yellow-based shades. On the other hand, women with fair, cool skin should go for pink shades. You can choose the right level of darkness for your tone by trying a foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin or matches perfectly. However, if you have an equal amount of warm and cool tones, you will suit neutral colors best.


Remember that the purpose of foundation is to enhance your features, not hide them. By making your selection and applying well, you will exude a polished and refined look.