Frederike Scheibe

Rischny - what's next for this MUA

German MUA Rischny, or Frederike Scheibe, is an emerging talent changing-up the eyeshadow game. From glitter cut creases to hand-drawn pop art and graphics, Scheibe puts a quirky twist on conventional makeup.

Taking inspiration from the changing natural environment, Scheibe's current eye looks are drawn from the warm tones of fall and the cooler, darker shades of Halloween. From pumpkin colored eyeshadow to a pumpkin drawing on her eyelid, it's not hard to see where Scheibe's inspiration comes from.

Eye makeup is not Scheibe's exclusive art, as she has amassed 17.4 K Instagram followers by providing a variety of content. Her account often features reviews of newly released or popular beauty product swatches. The insight into the medium of makeup Scheibe uses and her opinions on products creates a relationship of trust between Scheibe and her followers.

Beyond Instagram, Scheibe is expanding her Rischny brand to YouTube. Further diversifying her portfolio, Scheibe delivers videos addressing beauty, fashion and lifestyle to her subscribers. By filming and uploading makeup tutorials Scheibe shares the artistry of how she creates her makeup looks to her followers, encouraging her subscribers to try the looks for themselves.

Scheibe posts a variation of makeup looks, but a glittery pigmented inner corner highlight could be considered her trademark. Not limiting herself to white or iridescent highlighting, Scheibe plays with color and uses yellow, turquoise and chunky glitter as a highlight to name but a few. This fun twist on a conventional makeup technique is an indication of Rischny's style of makeup, taking something conventional and making it slightly unconventional.

This is further displayed through one of her most popular makeup looks, a sunrise eyelid design. Scheibe used warm purple and orange tones to create a blended eyeshadow look and then added a white cut crease and detailed clouds, transforming the eye look beyond the boundaries of 'standard beauty'. It is the fine detail and texture she gives the clouds that reveal her true artistry, as such detail can only be an indication of a love and passion towards makeup.

With a growing YouTube channel and Instagram account, Scheibe is set to continue to grow, both in popularity and in innovative makeup designs.