What inspired you to start your blog/YouTube channel?

I had always wanted to make a channel on youtube ever since I had read an article on haul videos, which featured my ‘idols’ at the time, Juicystar07 (Blair Fowler) and AllThatGlitters21 (Elle Fowler), in SHOP magazine way back in 2010. I never really had the confidence to post anything but I would still film myself putting on makeup…a tad lame but it was something to do! In 2012 Girlfriend magazine introduced the ‘Rimmel Beauty Insider’ competition, which encouraged readers to send in 2 minute videos of them talking through their favorite makeup look for the chance to win a monthly column in the magazine, for a year, promoting Rimmel products. At that point I was already obsessed, and I do mean obsessed, with anything makeup related and I saw it as an opportunity to start my youtube channel. So in May, I uploaded my ‘red carpet look’ makeup tutorial. I received really positive feedback from people I didn’t even know, as well as people I did, which really helped my confidence. And, although I wasn’t a finalist in the competition, I got my picture in the July issue of Girlfriend magazine which was more than I could ask for! Even my grandparents own a copy…and I own 2, haha!

What do you love the most about blogging?

I love it when my viewers tell me that I’ve helped or influenced them in some way, or even when they just let me know that they enjoy my videos! I obviously enjoy the process of filming my videos – the editing? not so much. I always remind myself that there are people who will gain something from my videos, whether that simply be enjoyment or even some makeup tips! I just get a lot of excitement from making videos and they have ‘opened a lot of doors’ for me (in cheesy terms). I’ve been asked by people at my school, people I don’t even know, if I can do their makeup for an event, such as for their year 12 ball! I even ended up doing makeup for my Aunty in the UK for her wedding because she had seen my videos.

What do you do in your spare time when you aren’t blogging?

Well at the moment, as I’m on holidays, I’m doing things with friends, watching other people’s videos and sleeping, a lot. I also recently got a swimmable mermaid tail with a monofin as an early birthday present so I’m pretty much addicted to swimming in the pool now. Molly the mermaid has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? During school terms, I’m doing a tonne of homework and things of that nature.

Whose celebrity style inspires you?

Makeup wise, I love the simplicity of Alexa Chung’s makeup. I adore her in general, but her makeup is always so simple and effortless. Saying that, I do love bright makeup too, but I don’t have any particular celebrity whose style inspires that.

What is one thing your readers probably don’t know about you?

I used to be 100% tomboy. In my (dark) past, I would wear skate shoes and flat caps and can even recall acting disgusted when my friend wore lipgloss. Funny how things can change quite significantly within 4 years!