If glitter artistry was a master’s degree, Ruthie Barone would have graduated with honors (and a standing ovation!). Specializing in jazzing up the eyes with all sorts of radiant makeup, she has the final word on all things light-reflecting. For each eye look, she offers a compelling avant garde style, using both sensual and geometric designs to glammify the eyes. With hundreds of wild creations, this glitter goddess is the Beyoncé of shine!


Ruthie invents tons of new application ideas for glitter.  She shows us sparkly winged liner, dabs of radiance under the eyes and even abstract swishes of it everywhere in a free yet beautiful way. Essentially, if there’s a cool use for glitter, Ruthie is probably the first one to know about it. Never short of ideas, she takes us on a radical twinkling ride through the Neverland of everything that dazzles.


She’s also super creative in her varied use of different textures and finishes. From dark metallics to blindingly bold chunky sparkles, she does it all! Ruthie even occasionally adds rhinestones to the designs, mixing things up with some 3D drama. The combination of expressive, shiny makeup and the eye-popping gems create a rich effect that makes typical high-fashion makeup feel less experimental – apparently Ruthie makes that possible!


Ruthie’s Instagram page serves as her portfolio, a gorgeous mindmap of makeup ideas. A couple months back, she posted a gorgeous look, capturing the essence of pixie dust in moonlight. The entire eye socket area is darkened with a purplish-charcoal color with a vertical surge of shimmering copper going through the eye, from brow to cheek. She overlays the copper shadow with tiny champagne-colored stars. The entire effect feels like a fantasy through makeup.


She also finds her creative spark through the allure of space. In her work called “Venus 2”, she swirls bronze and charcoal together over her eyes, mimicking the texture of the planet Venus. Ruthie finishes the look with a set of sexy false lashes and a glowing lime shimmer powder in the inner corner of the eye. She basically captures the ambiance of the galaxy with just a few sweeps of her brush – one word, unbelievable!
If you’d like to chat with Ruthie directly, you can email her at You can also stalk her on Instagram @ruthiebarone.