Freaky and Foxy with Giulianna


Electric rainbows have got nothing on Giuliannaa’s makeup art! Bursting with heart-racing colors, she has a radical gift for special effects, specializing in mythological and Halloween themes. No limit remains unpunished: the visuals are fierce, the designs are intense and the pigments are beyond-human-level blended. So quite frankly, we’re not surprised that her Instagram page warrants an impressive 552K followers, lending her the status of a real MUA prodigy.


One of the strongest influences in Giuliannaa’s work are mermaids– and it’s not hard to see why. Known for their ethereal beauty and majestic allure, they offer a goldmine of creative possibilities. Giuliannaa embraces their legendary sea-like aesthetic, turning herself into multiple versions of mermaids. She even takes this craft a step further by taking her mythic transformations outdoors to pose within the romantic scenery. Plus, she adorns herself in breathtaking mermaid outfits, complete with shell-bedazzled bras and ocean-themed tattoos to emerge as a fictional character beyond our imagination.


The visual impact is unbelievable– but we mean that literally because she genuinely embodies a mermaid in all their mesmerizing glory. Really, where was she when Pirates of the Caribbean needed mermaids?


Her love of mermaids transfers stunningly into her treatment of colors. Using the same shift toward surreal imagery, her makeup offers a wild fairy-tale flavor that completely shakes our everyday standards of innovation. Giuliannaa shows off her affinity of rich colors, or rather, more like her addiction to them, by creating series of dazzled-up eye looks. She gives us an electric teal eyelid blended into a dark turquoise crease, a mustard yellow winged liner against a navy blue shadow and even rainbow-bedecked eyes– but honestly, her rainbows are more profound than any real ones ever seen.


Another part of Giuliannaa’s repertoire includes her playful Halloween themed designs. Yet, leave it to her to still make her monster faces appear beautiful. Combining her flair for extreme colors and special effects, she turns her face into a glamified version of scary. She incorporates all the go-to glammifying features such as full arched brows, flirty liner and killer highlighter. So, all in all, these mutant looks are still pretty hot!  We’re left with an exotic creature– both freaky and foxy– making her style one that nobody can simply pin down in one word.


Kudos, Giuliannaa!