@glamaliee Makeup Artist


Annalie, or @glamaliee as she is better known to her 64 thousand followers on Instagram, is an exceptionally talented “makeup enthusiast” from the United Kingdom. Annalie’s Instagram is flooded with eccentric thematic eye looks that feature intricately detailed characters of movies past and present. Annalie demonstrates that the eyes really are the window to the soul through her epic makeup storytelling.

Scrolling through Annalie’s Instagram will take you on a nostalgic trip to iconic movies of childhood past. Features include The Grinch and Max, Pikachu, Bubbles the Powerpuff Girl, and you may even question your sanity when you see Casper the Friendly Ghost. From August 2018 to now, Annalie’s looks have quickly become more inspired and detailed, and with that daring difference has come a rapid increase in appreciation for her artwork from followers.

Many looks feature a character on the outer corner of the eye and are coupled with an exquisite eyeshadow look. An ability to pick a complimentary color and tone palette creates wholesome looks with a sense of belonging that indicate thoughtfulness. Other looks see the character central to the eye, situated on the upper lid and lower lash line. Here, Annalie demonstrates an unbelievable ability to apply complex details to an exceptionally difficult surface for the creation of what are arguably some of her most impactful looks.

Annalie tags all the products used to create her looks on her posts for followers interested in recreating the looks. She sticks to the basics using eyeshadow pallets and liquid lipsticks to craft the bulk of her look. Cut creases, bright inner corner highlights and thick winged eyeliner are some of her recurring techniques. Perhaps the most clever and understated recurring artistic choice in Annalie’s work is her choice to strongly fill her eyebrow with a color corresponding to her look, offering a refreshing extra dimension that many artists are too fearful to add.

This young talent is further proof that artists from the United Kingdom are making waves in eye makeup looks. Annalie has a flare and talent for the quirky and bold which is sure to give her a future as bright as her inner corner highlights!