Glampira Monsters


With a soft spot for zombies and ghouls, Sarah is a recreational MUA who loves to turn her models into monsters. With a method that can be best described as makeup artist meets Frankenstein, Sarah conjures up frightening transformations with the passion and precision of a mad scientist. With body paint and cosmetics as her operating tools, she produces ghastly creations, giving them life and then unleashing them onto Instagram for the world to see.


Although Sarah’s monsters are frightening, they are also technically brilliant in their execution. Her style reveals expression and accuracy, indicating a keen interest in the fundamentals of art and design. This interest is shown particularly well through her slashed face creation. With outstanding realism, Sarah works her magic, painting over the model’s mouths and adding synthetic textures to create the look of deep abrasions and blood spatter.


Yet, many of Sarah’s creations are not all grim and gore, but also reveal her playful side. Her deadly doll creation, in particular, is a stunning example. The model appears as an evil ragdoll with glam touches, making her both enchanting and scary. Her face is a sickly greyish-white with metallic green lips, lined in a stylized, sensual way. Her eyes feature a charcoal eye shadow in the crease and topped with super long black lashes for that freaky dolly effect. Sarah completes the look with a wig of wild red ringlets and a black cameo featuring a witch and moon. Ultimately, Sarah shows us a bizarre balance between horror and cutesiness.


If you’re interested in horror-themed makeup effects, you can follow Sarah on Instagram at Glampira.