Full-on Makeup with Glamrezy


Oozing with hotness, the Kim Kardashian lookalike, Glamrezy is a glam makeup artist and social media figure based in LA. With over 3 million followers on Instagram, her smoking look and beauty tips create tons of internet buzz. She’s also a killer snapchatter and YouTuber, posting sassy pics and videos that stir both love and controversy online. Some of her videos show her smoking and cursing, provoking a long, mixed comment thread. Yet, in each post, she’s explosive with confidence and attitude, proving that this bae is not afraid to be herself and really puts the sex in makeup art!


Glamrezy’s makeup style is vixen meets diva– hands-down. She puts the smoke in smokey eyes and the style in stylish brows. With a go-big-or-go-home approach to makeup, she goes straight for the kill for maximum effect. As her signature look, the eyes are often done as a faded cat eye with false lashes with a strong eyeshadow contour. She also creates radiant cheeks, inspired by an irrecoverable obsession with highlighters. Familiar anyone? Join the club!


Glamrezy’s blog, Glam Rezy, is another powerful force in her social media realm. It offers practical, useful tips for women on how to look and feel their best. Last Fall, Glamrezy posted a fantastic set of reviews on undergarments. From Victoria Bombshell bras to tushy-hugging spanx , she gives us all her secrets on how to get that figure-smoothing physique.


This blogger babe is also popular on You Tube which has thousands of views. Her videos are always incredibly real as she’s always 100% herself—cursing, sarcasm and all! In one of her videos, she shows us how to “bake”, which is the process of letting your highlighting powder sit and heat up on your t-zone before dusting it off. It’s a glam yet heavy look that should only be worn on special occasions, as the makeup is quite noticeable. This technique is becoming increasingly popuar among professional makeup artists and celebrities. Glamrezy is a pro with this technique; her video breaks down the steps easily, so we can also achieve the same camera-friendly effects.


If you love full-on makeup and fashion, Glamrezy is your jewel. You can check out her fabulous looks on Instagram and follow her blog at