Heidi Scarlett King: The Fashion & Cosmetic Expert for Television, Editorial & Runway

With an outstanding career in makeup artistry, Australian-born makeup artist, Heidi Scarlett King is internationally revered for her rich contributions to the world of beauty. She has collaborated with some of the most notorious television stars and models throughout the UK, Europe and Australia. Revered for her profound understanding of the art, Heidi’s well-rounded skills are indispensable to the makeup and fashion industry.

Heidi began working right after college, assisting the head of Channel Seven makeup with shows. Yet, as the calling for the dynamic world of fashion took over, Heidi sought to lend her talents to the runway industry. In the following years, she worked alongside the renowned makeup artist, Dotti, sharing her expertise every season of Mercedes fashion week and worked on various brand advertisements and campaigns.

As Heidi’s proficiency in the makeup industry flourished, she began to crave newer experiences. In 2008, she relocated to London to share her gifts with UK’s most illustrious television personalities and celebrities. As a result, Heidi unlocked new doors as a beauty expert and writer in the UK. She has also worked with various esteemed celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Charlotte Jackson and Lauren Laverne. On the red carpet, Heidi’s talent can be recognized as she ignites faces, creating that famous ol’ Hollywood glow.

Heidi’s makeup looks have been regarded as freshly radiant and effortlessly vogue. She tends to preserve the natural integrity of the face by leaving brows slightly untamed and soft, and highlights the bridge of the nose for a refined effect. She also tends to create beautiful, dimensional cheeks and gives depth and verve to the eyes. Moreover, Heidi is also an expert of accentuating the mouth, enhancing the upper lip with sophisticated definition.

Due to the remarkable versatility of Heidi’s experiences, she has become a valued voice in the beauty and fashion industry. To view Heidi’s portfolio, you may visit her website at http://www.heidiscarlettking.com