Blush has the power to dramatically enhance your facial features. When used correctly, it gives the cheekbones more dimension, while offering a fresh and bright glow to the face. Blush can also bring warmth to the face for a nice healthy look, allowing you to feel wonderful and vibrant from within.



Applying blush is easy if you understand the natural contours of your face. We apply blush to the area under the cheekbone to bring the face forward.  If you have trouble locating this area, you may suck in your cheeks to locate the hollow area beneath the cheekbone and apply the product above this spot.  Yet, be careful to avoid applying the blush in these two areas:  high over the tops of the cheek bone close to your eyes or over the frontal area of the face close to your nostrils. Applying blush to these areas may leave you looking rashy or clown-like as opposed to glowing.



The best brush to use for blush application is a soft brush with a medium width, which allows you to gradually build up color. Try the “BLACK BEAUTY ANGLED CONTOUR BRUSH” for a smooth, gliding effect that is effortless to use. The bristles also feature light blue tips for a fun and playful edge. You can use this brush in different ways depending on the results you want to achieve. Ladies who prefer a subtle layer should use this brush gently, while those who enjoy a stronger burst of color may apply using multiple sweeps of product with more pressure.

To create depth to your cheek, layer bronzer over your brush within the hollow area under your cheekbone. Its best to use a pointed blush brush, an angled contour brush, or a small blush brush to follow the angles and contours of your cheek.  We recommend the “BLACK BEAUTY POWDER BRUSH” to create this effect. When using this type of brush, start in the middle of your face and blend up and out into the hairline.  You may exaggerate the illusion of depth even more by adding a highlighting powder or cream to the highest part of your cheekbone close to your eye.  Any shimmery powder or light frosty hue will work well to create the appearance of stronger cheeks – Va-va-voom!


Choosing the right color of blush makes an enormous difference in illuminating your face. If you have fair cold skin with pinkish undertones, you may wear strawberry or rose petal colors. For a medium skin color, you may use a darker shade such as light red. Ladies with an olive tone can wear earthy shades like chestnut or copper beautifully. Finally, ladies with ebony colored skin look great with browns or apricots.