When it comes to flaunting our peepers, it’s important to understand the art of eye shadow. From frosty pastels to smoky neutrals, you can have a blast experimenting with different colors and textures to create a your own look. There are a variety of eye shadow styles you may try to accent your eyes and open those beautiful windows to the soul.



It’s easy to look radiant and fresh with icy pastel eye shadows. You may experiment with light blues, mints, and peaches over your entire eye lid for a brightening effect.  To add more drama, apply a darker tone in the crease and blend upward. You  may then apply a cream-based pastel eye shadow over the high part of your brow bone to make your eyes appear more open and awake. Women with dry skin especially should use cream-based pastel shadow for added moisture.



Shimmery metallics are great for creating a nice earthy glow. They add sensuality to the eyes, while also creating a warmer look. You may try different shades of metallic eye shadow to find the one that works best with your personal style.  Often, dark metallic hues like charcoal, copper and gunmetal can offer a mysterious effect, while lighter options like champagne, gold and silver can create an ethereal radiance.



Glitter eye shadow is a fun option that is great for celebratory occasions. Since these eye shadows can shimmer quite intensely, they are not often used as an everyday look. If you prefer a more subtle glitter eye shadow, you may look for sparkles that are more refined. On the other hand, women looking for dramatic party makeup may choose versions that have chunky silver sparkles. For an even more playful approach, you can wear an eye shadow with multi-colored sparkles.

With the wide variety of eye shadow styles, a gal can have a blast deciding which effects to try. Just remember to use a quality brush for the application, so your eyes can radiant with a smooth and luxurious makeup application.