Having the right tools for makeup application can really make the world of difference to your end look, but how do you know which brushes to choose?

Well, Furless has put together a quick and easy guide to choosing the right makeup brushes.

Does the brush have dense bristles?

Dense bristles are a sign of a good quality brush and help you to create a more even and blended application.

How big is the area that you want to use the brush on?

If you want to dust on loose body shimmer or bronzer to your limbs, go with a brush with a large, wide, thick head of bristles.

This enables you to cover a larger area in less time than it would take using a smaller powder brush. Some good examples are a large fan brush or a big domed kabuki brush.

If you have smaller eyes, very little crease, or a smaller mobile lid area, then you are going to want to choose eyeshadow/blending brushes that are smaller and will fit into the crease of your eye.

Make sure that the blush brush you are using is in proportion to your face. Most blush brushes used are too big and don’t allow you to define and contour as well as a smaller brush.

Handle length.

If you plan on using brushes on yourself in the mirror, choosing brushes with shorter handles will enable you to get up close to the mirror, without the handles getting in the way.


A good trick in testing a brush for shedding, is to gently pull on the hairs to see how many come out. It is normal for a new brush to shed a hair or two, but it should stop shedding after the first wash.

Weight of the brush.

Do you like to have a firm grip on a heavy sturdy handle (i.e. heavy handed), or do you like a light brush that is sensitive to smaller movements?

Only you will know the answer to this!

Using on yourself, or working on others?

If you are buying brushes to use professionally, you may want to consider the image you would like to portray.

A mini travel set probably wouldn’t be the best choice to use on a job, but would be perfectly fine to use on yourself or a friend.

Environmentally friendly.

If making ethical choices as a consumer is important to you, then you may want to consider choosing bamboo brushes, and synthetic hair.

Bamboo is a fast growing, renewable resource that has less of an impact on the world’s resources than other types of brush handles like plastic, or wood from trees.

Just Starting out?

If you are just starting out, a set with all the brushes you need to create any look like our Purple Power Set, won’t break the bank, and will give you a taste of what brushes you like to use.

You can then add individual brushes to your collection later on as you learn.

Watch and Learn.

When in doubt, watch what the pros use on YouTube. You can really pick up some fabulous tips, see what brushes they are using for each application and get an idea of product placement.

Choose Furless!

Last but not least, choose cruelty free brushes! Due to advances in technology, we now have access to taklon and nylon fibres that mimic animal hair and are super duper soft.

There is no longer any need to involve animals in our beauty products.

We have a great choice of colors and styles to choose from, the cruelty free way.

Love Furless x