Charity Leigh: Neo Grunge Queen

Blowing the classic “grunge goddess” look away in smoke, Charity Leigh is renewing our favorite grunge-glazed glam with a newfound punch. She lights up her Instagram page with glistening skin, metallic eyes and full-out faint-worthy brows — we call her the neo grunge goddess! This self-taught makeup artist lives for rule-breaking and statement-making. As an influencer among beauty enthusiasts for her fierce highlights and ever-changing hairstyles, Charity is the go-to MUA for women obsessed with full-on makeup.


Charity is known for her ability to create a wide range of looks while using a variety of bright, dark, matte and glittery colors on her captivating face. Leaving minimalist makeup in the dust, she’s not afraid to go with a razor sharp winged liner and a serious contour. She matches her extravagant makeup with different wigs, lending a new vibe and identity for each creation. From a chic silver bob to long honey tresses, Charity invents entirely unique beauty personas.


Her dedication to makeup can be seen in her precise technique and detailing. She has an amazing talent for creating the sharp cut crease and targeted strobing. Turning her cheeks and nose bridge into modelesque shapes, she’s basically invincible with a highlighter. One of her most iconic trademarks is her enviably flawless foundation — a stunning combination of dewy and matte texture, so sensual, her complexion practically screams sex!


Charity shows off her grunge glory in perfectly-lit selfies on her Instagram. Her posts also include reviews on favorite makeup items, nail designs and her amazing collection of accessories including chokers, rings and earrings. So, if you’re a sucker for over-the-top bling, you’ll have more than enough inspiration from Charity’s treasure chest of goodies.


If you’re seeking ideas for some hot Friday night makeup, Charity Leigh is the MUA to follow. Reminding us that the best kind of makeover is the one that represents you, Charity encourages her fellow cosmetic junkies to follow the beat of their own brush. All hail the neo grunge queen!