Jessica Haze and Mirrors


Beauty blogger and cruelty-free advocate, Jessica Haze is as a passionate member of the online MUA world. Based in Detroit, the Aussie-born artist fills her Instagram page with tons of self-applied looks. Her aesthetic is soft yet refreshing with silver hair, fair skin and super full brows. She’s also a popular YouTuber with a huge fan base, making her a seasoned social media pistol among her fellow makeup addicts and artists.


As part of Jessica’s trademark, she applies a heavy matte lipstick, usually choosing from a wide spectrum of colors. From forest green to grey, Jessica is a whiz at making cool colors work for her pout. She’s also a pro with eyebrows—according to her alias name, the brow shaper, it’s no surprise that this feature remains a stunning focal point in her looks. She lines her eyebrows with a medium brown pencil, creating a full luxurious effect that frames her eyes beautifully.


These makeup tactics are discussed on her blog, Haze and Mirrors. Although the blog is still in its infancy, it’s growing collection of posts and reviews are already attracting a strong base of readers. As one of her most innovative posts, Jessica shares a series of makeup designs through the decades, inspired by the different eras in the movie, “Age of Adaline”.


To design these recreations, she first did a lot of research to develop her understanding of vintage makeup techniques. She was then able to use the right shades, placements and textures that were popular in specific decades. For each look, she even reproduced the trending hairstyles for each era.


She also creates professional YouTube videos which share her makeup tips and tricks. The videos are always incredibly organized and easy to follow. Each one begins with a clear introduction to the purpose and occasion for the look before proceeding with the tutorial. Then, Jessica gradually takes us through the steps and application techniques, making it easy for us to follow. Her design concepts are always pleasantly unique such as her tutorial for creating a red smokey eye with a grey lip—who would have thought? Yet, the concepts are always incredibly chic.


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