The Living Bratz Doll: Joseph (thebadboosh)


Known as the living Bratz Doll, Joseph a.k.a thebadboosh is a radically talented MUA. With naturally hot features and mega-glam contouring powers, this Miami-based show-stopper is a makeup megastar. He uses his own face as his canvas, giving himself stunning looks that compel people to ransack their beauty bags to improve their makeup skills. Joseph’s inspiring powers come from his video tutorials, which share the industry’s latest trends, and his Instagram page, which stands as a goldmine of beauty inspiration.


You only need a quick peek at Joseph’s Instagram page to see why he’s so impressive. He creates a variety of makeup looks, from drag to grunge, using a rich skill set that’s highly praised by the MUA Insta community. His style ranges from full-on bombshell to avant-garde, tapping into all types of influences for his creations. He’s able to model each look like a selfie pro, using the perfect lighting and poses to show off his makeup.


Joseph’s YouTube channel is the ultimate source for makeup ideas. You can learn all types of techniques, including Kardashian-inspired looks all the way to an everyday strobing guide. In one of his most popular videos, Joseph introduces the tutorial by explaining the difference between wigs used in drag and regular makeup. While many people associate wigs with drag, they are not always part of this genre and can be an accessory to a beauty look without being drag. It’s important for viewers to understand these differences to avoid making stereotypes about cross-gendered makeup.


Another must-watch video is the tutorial on the Quick Flawless Face. He teaches us how to create a flawless, everyday natural look in just a few short minutes. Throughout the video, he combines clear instructions, explaining each step of the process as he goes. He also carefully describes the technique he’s using at each stage, allowing people to follow along with the same precision and artistry.


Overall, his videos offer pro-level makeup tricks, teaching people how to enhance their features for both the camera and real life. His channel also includes videos on the newest beauty hacks and celebrity looks. Subscribe to always stay updated with all the hottest gimmicks in the industry.

Check out Joseph’s Instagram page @badboosh or contact him by email at