The Kardashian’s #1 Makeup Artist, Joyce Bonelli


If you’ve ever wondered how the Kardashian’s get their flawless look, you can credit Joyce Bonelli, the family’s trusted makeup guru. After Kim met Joyce in a photoshoot in 2005, the reality star quickly nabbed her as her go-to artist. Now besties with the entire family, Joyce continues to work with the entire Kardashian clan, creating their uber glam looks for all occasions. In addition to the glam fam, Joyce works with a tons of other hot celebs, being one of the most in-demand artists in Hollywood.

Joyce’s makeup look can be best described as vogue and edgy. As one of her many talents, Joyce is also a pro with creating the perfect canvas, prepping the skin to create a gleaming, spotless finish. She amps up the eyes to a bombshell level with a masterful blend of illuminating earth tones.

Classically, Joyce’s favorite makeup look was red lipstick, but she now opts for darker hues like brown or black. This choice offers an empowering feel that’s both sexy and fashionable. Nevertheless, red is still one of her preferred colors because it’s a quick and easy way to look better, especially when you’re a mom and on the go. As she explains, “I was tired all the time…it helps you look put together. Being a mum, you need a five-minute fix and lipstick is so easy.” Other than her lipstick, the celebrity makeup queen actually does not wear that much makeup—she doesn’t like too much of it! Surprised much? Yup. She’s basically a tomboy, which is ironic working for the glitzy Kardashians.

The Armenian beauties also flood her Instagram page. Her page features the womens’ selfies, magazine covers and candid shots, all showing off Joyce’s stunning handy work. It’s like she has a real time portfolio that constantly updates as she documents her work during her world travels with the Kardashian circle. They’re an incredibly powerful promotional force—and with 1.1 million followers, the makeup artist has virtually become a celeb herself.