Justin Henry’s Natural Makeup Looks


High-fashion meets natural beauty with Justin Henry’s clean and chic approach to makeup. Celebrating the unique look of each model, Justin awakens the face as opposed to changing it. He infuses this fresh style into his work as the Senior Hair & Beauty Editor of Black Magazine, allowing the faces on each cover to shine with raw loveliness. Through his exceptional talent and accomplishments, he essentially walks the red carpet of makeup artistry.


Justin Henry fine tuned his craft in Europe and New York where his talents were in high demand with top magazines including Vogue (USA, Deutch, Italia), Elle (UK, French), and Mademoiselle as well as with renowned photographers such as Annie Leibowitz, Ellen Von Unwerth and David Lachapelle. During his time abroad, Justin collaborated with several iconic pop stars, developing the signature looks we’ve grown to love—Christina Aguilera’s erotic glam, Nelly Furtado’s natural sex appeal and Pink’s hot edge.


When it comes to his personal style, Justin often chooses to ignite the model’s natural beauty. Most of his faces appear almost untouched by makeup. The skin is usually dewy and glistening, the cheeks are lightly highlighted and the lips are a pinkish nude. He also allows the brows to roam free, using just a hint of grooming to keep them neat, staying true to his preference for fresh brows.


Justin particularly reveals his love for subtle makeup in his lip work. Using countless different shades of flesh-colored lipstick, he matches each model’s lips with the right tone to slightly enhance what they’ve already got. This technique allows the lips to appear fuller and effortlessly sexy.


His sentimentality and appreciation for people’s natural features are also demonstrated in his work with hair. Whether it’s flirtatiously tousled, wrapped in a chic bun or kept long and luxurious, Justin knows what it takes to bring hair to life. In each of his looks, he plays with different textures and personalities of hair, allowing it to take on an expression of its own.


As Justin stays true to his own taste and creativity, he’s an artist who will always stand unique among others, making him an irreplaceable leader in his industry.