Katina K Is Slaying The Eye Makeup Game

With Katina K, also known by her Instagram handle, “Do You Even Blend?”, it’s all about the eyes. Saying “meh” to the rules, Katrina is a goldmine of surprises, playing up the eyes in all sorts of unusually gorgeous ways. Inspired by the wild Lady Gaga-esque aesthetic, she combines glamor and whimsy to create her “out there” rocking eyes.


Katina was born and raised in Australia and is currently residing in the hip city of Melbourne. She first became interested in makeup during high school. Though her parents didn’t let her wear makeup until she was 16, she would scour fashion magazines and cut out clippings of her favorite looks (including Gaga, of course). Though she briefly dabbled in the art of photography, it wasn’t long before she soon realized that the beauty industry was the pathway to her dream job.


The most distinctive element of Katina’s style is her use of eye-popping colors coupled with her impeccable blending capabilities. Drawing inspiration from pop culture and geometric designs, Katina uses bright and vibrant colors to create her visionary looks. Gold glitter with turquoise or neon pink and yellow are just a few examples of her inventive pairings.


She possesses the unique gift of transforming these scarcely used color combinations into jaw-dropping looks, wearable only by the most daring fashionistas. She also loves to outline the eyelid with stark colors like gold, lime or even orange, adding crazy emphasis to the eyes. Her line precision is truly awe-inspiring—we have to wonder, is it years of practice or just a born talent?


Among her many skills, a powerful weapon in Katina’s beauty arsenal is her clown-inspired makeup. Taking inspiration from Hollywood freaks like the Joker and the Oompa-Loompas, Katina is a wiz at creating quirky, clownish looks. She’ll even play with multi-colored eyebrows and glittery teardrops, showing off a level of originality that always keeps our excitement soaring.
Her playfulness with her craft is a little reminder to enjoy the fun side of makeup at least once in a while. To keep up to date with all of Katina’s wild and colorful looks, follow her on Instagram at @doyouevenblend.