Laura Kalmakoff

It’s very rare that the words, “originality” and “Instagram makeup artist” can truthfully go in the same sentence. Yet, when it comes to Laura Kalmakoff, people can truly attest to witnessing never-seen-before looks. Laura is based in Edmonton, Canada, and specializes in face painting with a twist. She takes this classic art form and transforms it into a modern statement, creating stunning mask-like marvels.


Laura acts as her own model, applying the makeup to her face to showcase the different effects. Blessed with regal chiselled features and unsurprisingly, goddess-level cheekbones, Laura is able to show off the makeup from various beautiful angles. In turn, her face seems to compliment the designs, giving it a strong sculptural effect. The combination of mysterious makeup and modelling are the two ingredients that make each look explosive.


Laura takes the basic principles of design and applies them in astonishing ways. As one of her go-to techniques, she plays with positive and negative space in the makeup to create optical illusions on her face. By leaving negative spaces in the form of geometrical shapes, which her skin seems like a cutout or a puzzle piece, she’s essentially tricking our eyes by producing visual tension through the absence and presence of color.


She showcases this technique in an Instagram post, going 4053 likes strong. She paints a black pantalone style mask over her face, which is kept a powdery white. Her lashes are coated with bright pink mascara; she then creates the look of running pink tears with a watery pigment, dripping over her cheeks and onto her neck. It feels mystical and bizarrely sexy at the same time.


Glitter is also a major component of Laura’s workmanship. In one of her glam shots, she outlines her jawline and hairline with all sorts of sparkles and sequins. She creates her own concoction of glitter by combining different ones from an array of brands, choosing pieces with precisely the right sizes and colors to create a mosaic of twinkling beauty. Finally, she adds some sizzle to the look with charcoal smokey eyes and false lashes– va-voom!
As a babe with many faces of makeup, Laura is an inventive artist with a never-ending sea of ideas. Add her on Instagram at @llaurakalmakoff.